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Hosting And Designs L.L.C. Press releases

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Aug 13, 2014
Apple seems to be growing in popularity in the IT industry and will need to be part of any web hosting company’s future or even current day-to-day operations.

Jul 22, 2014
The Green Grid, which is an IT efficiency consortium, says that as much as 33% of IT managers are not even attempting to identify unused or “ghost” servers in a data center.

Jun 11, 2014
A Global Threat Intelligence Report was just released by NTT Innovation Institute for 2014 which does not look good. Is shows increased activity with botnets and multiple PC’s or dedicated servers communicating surreptitiously.

May 21, 2014
Hillsboro, Oregon, 21 May 2014 Dedicated server and Virtual Private Server provider Hosting And Designs L.L.C.

May 13, 2014
Data centers without preventative maintenance were nearly four times more likely to experience a UPS outage than those who do. A dedicated server cannot meet it’s expected life cycle if power is not a major link in the chain.

Apr 14, 2014
A no contract cellphone subscription for businesses means several smartphones can be placed on one mobile account each with a different number with the Ting mobile carrier.

Apr 07, 2014
New unmetered dedicated servers with 1Gbps ports available from Hosting And Designs L.L.C. and now with double the traffic capacity than before.

Mar 31, 2014
Hosting And Designs L.L.C is recipient of 2013 Oregon Excellence Award by the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC).

Mar 19, 2014
Configuring and defending your dedicated server against attacks from outside your network or datacenter is good practice, however actually testing the defenses is the best way to determine how fortified your dedicated server really is.

Mar 12, 2014
Ting has just announced that the iPhone 5 can now be ported to the contract free Ting carrier network if it was originally purchased through Sprint.


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