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Jun 24, 2015
Time consuming hand washing to avoid infections acquired every time hospital surfaces are touched is superseded by ZnO nanoparticles molded into disposable gloves that disinfect by the QED conversion of body heat in the fingers to UV-C radiation

May 07, 2015
Fano resonance of asymmetric absorption shapes in nanostructures thought caused by the interference between surface plasmons is actually the consequence of auto-ionized states of the atom created by QED induced UV radiation

Apr 26, 2015
Optical phenomena thought caused by the quantum confinement of the exciton by the Bohr theory are actually the consequence of the QED induced confinement of absorbed energy in the surface of nanostructures

Apr 09, 2015
QED induced UV-C radiation produced in zinc oxide coated Smartphones using body heat from the fingers and the electronics offers a simple alternative to LEDs in disinfecting viruses transmitted after touching public surfaces

Apr 02, 2015
QED induced UV-C radiation produced in heated nano-coated surfaces of handrails and grab poles in future train cars and buses offers the Hong Kong Government a simple and permanent way to continuously disinfect SARS and other infectious viruses

Feb 16, 2015
Quantum theory showing the Universe is static and not expanding by the Big Bang may be confirmed by experiments showing Hubble redshift is caused by the QED induced absorption of galaxy light in cosmic dust

Jan 14, 2015
Cosmic dust in measurements of anomalous microwave emission and Hubble redshift both suggest the Universe is not expanding

Jan 08, 2015
DNA damage by UV radiation induced by QED from melanin granules suggests cancer risk may be worse than by chance from random mutations over a human lifetime of normal stem cell divisions

Dec 27, 2014
The QED enhanced yield strength of metal Covetics found by adding carbon particles to the melt during thermal processing depends on the particle size

Dec 08, 2014
IR spectra showing carbon dioxide and methane taken as proof of the discovery of exoplanets orbiting distant stars is questionable as the spectra actually depict the redshift of UV radiation absorbed in the dust of debris haloes.

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