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Nov 24, 2015
Transformative optics suggesting diffraction-limited image resolution may be restored by evanescent fields in a silver film is superseded by QED inducing sub-diffraction-limited quality in the film from diffraction-limited images

Oct 13, 2015
Chemistry based on statistical mechanics suggesting chemical reactions are enhanced by very high pressure inside nanopores is superseded by photochemical enhancement from QED radiation finding basis in quantum mechanics

Aug 18, 2015
Experiments showing nanofluids in laminar flow through horizontal tubes suppress thermal gradients are proof nanoparticles are enhancing heat transfer by emitting QED radiation that passes through the convective heat transfer barrier

Aug 10, 2015
MALDI of analytes having ionization potentials of 8 eV using nitrogen lasers having single photon energy of 3.68 eV requiring highly unlikely 2 or 3 multiphoton absorptions is superseded by QED ionization of analytes in matrices of nanoparticles

Aug 06, 2015
High temperatures from 1000 to 10,000 K long thought produced across the infinitesimally thin thickness of the shock wave is superseded by QED induced ionizing radiation from a nanoscale layer of compressed gas molecules

Jul 10, 2015
Cyberwood thought to enhance air temperature measurements by significant reductions in electrical resistance may be superseded by the increased Ca2+ ions produced at higher sample temperatures caused by Joule heat

Jul 03, 2015
QED disinfects bacteria from the self-assembly of helical peptide molecules into annular nanoparticles that enter the cytoplasm by burrowing through the cell membrane

Jun 24, 2015
Time consuming hand washing to avoid infections acquired every time hospital surfaces are touched is superseded by ZnO nanoparticles molded into disposable gloves that disinfect by the QED conversion of body heat in the fingers to UV-C radiation

May 07, 2015
Fano resonance of asymmetric absorption shapes in nanostructures thought caused by the interference between surface plasmons is actually the consequence of auto-ionized states of the atom created by QED induced UV radiation

Apr 26, 2015
Optical phenomena thought caused by the quantum confinement of the exciton by the Bohr theory are actually the consequence of the QED induced confinement of absorbed energy in the surface of nanostructures

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