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R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations Press releases

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Mar 26, 2014
Is your Advertising producing the results you were hoping for? Are your sales going up quickly, slowly, or not much at all? Are you thinking about making some changes in your advertising? What should you change and by how much? Read on.

Mar 23, 2014
This is about six proposals that could generate tremendous revenues for large and small newspaper companies, starting immediately. Each of these proposals will also be very easy to set up, easy to produce, easy to promote and easy to sell.

Mar 20, 2014
This is about some easy-to-use advertising math that can help your company make a lot more money. The math is called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." It will show you how you can actually QUANTIFY the relationship between your advertising and sales.

Mar 13, 2014
This is about a poem called "It used to be Made in America." Every businessperson should read it. Every politician should read it, and every American should read it. You can see the poem online at www.itusedtobemadeinamerica.com

Mar 13, 2014
The secret to measuring the effectiveness of advertising is some very easy-to-use math that every business needs to know, now. The math is a very simple formula that can help your company make a lot more money.

Mar 05, 2014
Quick! Your editor said "Give me 1500 words on National Poetry Month and give it to me Pronto...And don't write about any poetry that's so esoteric that nobody understands it! Write about poetry for the masses! So now where do you go?

Jan 27, 2014
This is about the state of manufacturing in America and a poem called “It Used to be Made in America.” The poem is about the consequences of the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. You can read it online at www.itusedtobemadeinamerica.com

Jan 26, 2014
This is about some very easy to use math that actually lets you QUANTIFY the effectiveness of advertising. You can use the math to help your company make a lot money. The math is called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." (www.barrows.com)

Dec 09, 2013
Tired of reading about gigantic pay plans for Wall Street Honchos, CEOs and mega million dollar deals for athletes? Now you can at least vent some of your frustrations with a song called “Big Bucks.” Hear a free clip at www.barrows.com/music.html

Dec 03, 2013
The people will love this song...Politicians will hate it. It’s a satire about power, politics, sex, lies, money and greed. You can hear a FREE CLIP of the song at www.barrows.com/music.html and the poem is at the end of this article.

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