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Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf Press releases

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Jul 31, 2015
Confederate Flags, Nazi Swastikas, All Protected At State Schools

Jul 29, 2015
New Findings Could Impact Enforcement Strategies and Tactics on Campuses, and Today's Hearing Before the Senate HELP Committee

Jul 28, 2015
All Sides in the Debate Over Campus Rapes Seemingly Misunderstand Due Process and a Recent California Court Ruling

Jul 23, 2015
Coastal Carolina University Says Only Sober Students May Have Sex, and Then Only If Their Consent is "Enthusiastic" - Political Correctness Gone Wild!

Jul 22, 2015
These are Among the Growing Number of Recommendations for Protecting Women From Date Rape

Jul 20, 2015
New Cell Phone App Called WeConsent Lets Both Parties Record Their Consent to Sex; But Surreptitious Video Taping May Also Occur

Jul 16, 2015
Universities, State Legislators, and Even the Federal Government Cannot Deny Fundamental Rights Like Confronting and Cross Examining Women Who Accuse Men of Rape

Jul 15, 2015
Court Finds Gross Violations Of Due Precess in Unfair Campus Proceeding

Jul 13, 2015
Father of Legal Ethics Blasted Him For His Moral Shortcomings

Jul 08, 2015
Judge’s Ruling May Create "Perfect Storm" Over Racist Word, Especially in Light of Obama Administration's Ruling, and Confederate Flag Controversy

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