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Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf Press releases

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Apr 24, 2015
Bizarre Precedent Suggests Also Adding Peace Symbol, Pentagram, and Some Crosses

Apr 21, 2015
Administrative Lawyers Have Responsibility To Do More Than Be Mouthpieces For Moneyed Interests

Apr 20, 2015
A Simple Fix, Which Worked Before, Could Save Many Lives - Expert

Apr 16, 2015
A Hearing to Affirm an Earlier Secret Decision Has Now Been Scheduled

Apr 14, 2015
Inherent Conflicts of Interest, Huge [$100 Million] Costs, Fatal Exposures to Loss of Federal Funds and Huge Verdicts, Prompting Change

Apr 07, 2015
Suits to Stifle Debate on Public Issues Highly Disfavored by the Law

Apr 06, 2015
Law Suit Likely to Deter Some Media From Reporting on Rape Over Fear of Legal Actions

Apr 06, 2015
Columbia Report Raises Doubts About Women’s Credibility, Increases Media Concerns About Reporting on Topic

Apr 05, 2015
How to Protect Religious Freedom and Other Freedoms Without a Religious Freedom Restoration Act [RFRA]

Apr 02, 2015
A Tale Told by Legislators; Much Sound and Fury Signifying Little if Anything

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