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Nov 20, 2015
Harvard Law School May Not Always Consider Taping to be a Crime

Nov 20, 2015
Does Academic Freedom Apply Equally to Both Blacks and Racist Whites?

Nov 19, 2015
Administration Apparently Would Rather Let PC Concerns Waste Millions, and Ruin Lives

Nov 18, 2015
Despite Their Fiduciary Duty, Officials Accept "Sin Money" to Fatten Their Coffers

Nov 18, 2015
Fortunately, It's Constitutional and Very Effective. Also, Ankle-Tracking Monitors Would Help Keep Track of Suspected Terrorists or Refugees Who Can Not Be Completely Vetted

Nov 17, 2015
Jeb Bush, Peter King, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Others Would Discriminate on the Basis of Religion

Nov 06, 2015
Lawyer Jokes Compare Attorneys to Lab Rats, Skunks, and Manure, And Want Them Dead

Nov 05, 2015
Voters in Houston, Texas, on Monday overwhelmingly defeated an ordinance designed to prevent gay, bisexual, and transgender people from being denied jobs or admissions to public places, primarily over what was called the "bathroom issue."    ...

Nov 04, 2015
"Bathroom Issue" Raises Many Questions: Is It Discrimination, How About Transvestites, Whose Rights Trump Others?

Nov 04, 2015
The Less Educated Are Killing Themselves at Ever Increased Rates

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