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21st Century Research Press releases

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Mar 16, 2014
Flight 370 was most likely hijacked by terrorists who wanted to turn it around and crash into the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur a la 9/11. Malaysian or Indonesian Air Force jet fighters may have been scrambled to divert and shoot it down

Mar 06, 2014
When it became independent in 1991 Ukraine had the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world with more weapons than China, France and UK combined. It gave up all of the weapons in return for security guarantees by Russia, UK and USA

Feb 24, 2014
With explosion in worldwide use of smartphones, tablets, iPads, and E-Readers, there's a new opportunity for mobile users to write and publish their impressions about Olympic Games immediately in cyberspace for readers everywhere in the world to see

Jan 27, 2014
Florida author, Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, is evaluating the use of BookDaily for promotion of E-Books already published by Amazon Kindle and other cyberpublishers. The service emails a free sample chapter and authors biography to about 50,000 recipients.

Jan 10, 2014
Explosion in worldwide use of smartphones, tablets, iPads, and E-Readers, presents a new environment for celebrating Valentine's Day with the loved ones. E-Books of romantic poetry can be uniquely designed or devices offered with E-Titles in them

Dec 11, 2013
Unexpected move by Obama with regard to Cuban Raul Castro unleashed a worldwide reaction. You can follow specific cartoonists from around the world using our "Guide to Foreign Obama Cartoons" identifying cartoon sources in over 50 countries

Dec 06, 2013
A timely Xmas story and three E-Guides for publishing and promoting books and stories by anyone who wishes to do so, anytime, anywhere and for free, are available from 21st Century Research for immediate cyberdelivery to mobile devices

Nov 25, 2013
Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, a Florida visionary geopolitics researcher and writer, comments on latest disastrous dealings with Iran by Obama administration. He suggests a new political initiative in the Middle East, to counterbalance a nuclear Iran

Nov 11, 2013
This E-Guide provides information about at least one source of foreign Obama cartoons generated in each of 50 countries of the world. Since it was first published in 2012 these sources continue to generate additional cartoons to see almost every day

Oct 29, 2013
This is a column based on a radio interview with Bohdan O. Szuprowicz conducted a few weeks ago. It has already been distributed to about 200 top circulation newspaper editors in USA and is now made available to other observers of Veterans Day

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