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Jan 27, 2013
1.9 billion mobile phones sold in 2012, smart TV's, smart cooker and now smart fridges is your business ready for the future.

Jan 20, 2013
As of early 2012, more than six billion mobile subscriptions were in use around the world (pre-paid and post-paid), providing mobile access for more than three-quarters (75%) of the world's inhabitants, according to a report by the World Bank

Dec 29, 2012
During the month of November 2012, Flurry reached a major milestone, measuring more than a trillion unique events completed inside of mobile apps by consumers. The magnitude of this number, and what it means to an industry barely over four years old,

Dec 14, 2012
The first apps as we know them appeared on the Iphone back in July 2008 and there are still less that 900000 in the app and google market.

Nov 29, 2012
With so many online networking tools such as Facebook LinkedIn people are connecting with friends and colleagues in all kinds of different ways. That poses the question Are business cards really still necessary or are they becoming obsolete

Nov 23, 2012
IDC Financial Insights has issued a new report on the future of mobile payments & the future is bright. According to the report Mobile Payment volume over mobile devices will exceed $1 trillion by the year 2017

Nov 10, 2012
Mobile commerce is predicted to grow 39% each year from now until 2016.

Oct 05, 2012
A mobile app is not just good at selling to your clients it is a amazing marketing tool giving you the chance to place messages directly on to your clients phone 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

Sep 21, 2012
Mobile apps tap into a new digital marketing channel that is growing at a faster rate than traditional browser based websites once your app is in the marketplace you have access to a large pool of customers 24/7 in locations previously not available

Sep 14, 2012
According to a recent AT&T Small Business Technology Poll, 72 nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said their business most likely would not survive or would be greatly challenged without mobile apps.

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