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Thomas Public Relations Press releases

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Mar 13, 2015
"Fastest masters of the fretboard. The Great Kat. SIGNATURE SONG: "The Flight of the Bumble Bee". ALBUM: Beethoven on Speed. Juilliard-trained virtuoso. Heavy leather dominatrix persona so over the top."

Mar 09, 2015
New St. Patrick's Day Hot Great Kat Guitar/Violin Photos (from 3/2/15)!

Feb 26, 2015
"The Great Kat -- sexy wildcat shredder. The spitting image of a violent nymphomaniac. God actually has given her speed playing strength. God, the Devil was born." - Bopian (China)

Feb 22, 2015
"The Great Kat is the pseudonym of Katherine Thomas. Speed metal guitarist. She is known for her thrash performances of well-known classical music. In most of them she interprets with the electric guitar, but sometimes uses the violin"

Feb 19, 2015
Check out Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Cadenza – Rare Classical Violin Recording of Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat) Virtuoso Violin Performance! Now that's technique!

Feb 17, 2015
“The Great Kat. You can play SO FAST! WOW! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!”" - Jay Thomas, The Jay Thomas Show on SiriusXM

Feb 10, 2015
Jay Thomas Show, creator of the "Lone Ranger" greatest talk show story ever (on David Letterman) interviews The Great Kat "Lone Shredder" fastest guitarist ever Live! on February 12, 2015 at 4 PM EST on SiriusXM Channel 102

Feb 05, 2015
New Valentine's Day Hot Great Kat Guitar/Violin Goddess Photos!

Jan 23, 2015
“The Great Kat - is like a force of nature in both her everyday life and in the music world. She tells Matt Chapman how a Judas Priest music video led her to become one of the fastest guitarists alive.” - Matt Chapman, MyM Magazine

Jan 16, 2015
TIMOTHY LEARY, famous Harvard psychology professor and mind-altering guru collaborated with KAT THOMAS - The Great Kat violin virtuoso on the rock song "RIGHT BRAIN LOVER"!

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