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Sep 15, 2015
After a fatal accident and near paralysis, Marcel Ledoux decides to live his dream and is in need of your assistance to make that dream come true.

Aug 24, 2015
Travelers on train say that they relied on instinct, faith and close bond forged over many years of friendship as they subdued a heavily armed terrorist on a Belgium passenger train.

Jun 18, 2015
Community Hurricane Disaster Preparedness Day is an event where you will learn all you need to know about Hurricane and Disaster Preparation. Join us on June 28, 2015 for fun and family training at 9250 Stirling Road, Cooper Cooper City, FL 33024

Jan 30, 2015
Presents a screening of the award winning Film, Holy Ghost. A film that details a film maker’s journey as he makes a film with no treatment, no script and no plan. Just divine guidance and a camera.

Nov 26, 2014
Wares Your Health, featuring Dr. Charlie Ware, will be a revitalizing wellness focused media series coming to life on The Faith Network.

Nov 25, 2014
Battles between cultural groups have existed for years with the most prominent battle being the breach between Judaism and Christianity.

Jul 16, 2014
For years, through translations and various interpretations, the gospel has been adjusted to include false information and information that has been changed from way that Jesus understood it and presented it.

Jul 09, 2014
The Biblical gospels may not be as you think! It’s time for you to know the truth. For years, through translation and miss-interpretation, the gospels have been adjusted to become watered down presenting lies and deception.

Apr 09, 2014
YD-360, a youth group from Hollywood, Florida, is planning to spend the summer building schools in an area with the one of the highest rates of poverty and lowest rates of illiteracy.

Jan 15, 2014
You are being watched but who is watching you! Cyber stalking affects millions daily with millions having their information compromised and they surf the web and attempt do conduct business. What can you do to stop it?


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