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Jul 10, 2017
"Each year, 2.7 million of the 7.6 million homeless cats and dogs killed could possibly be saved by knowing each owner's DNA. Our DNA-2 Blood Type will reveal predispositions as genetic animal lovers or not," says 64DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Oct 09, 2016
"When you eat food based on your DNA-2 Blood Types, you won't gain any weight because your body naturally used what it needs and dispose of what it can't use, "says 64DNA Scientist Afamasaga.

Sep 16, 2016
"Whether you are in Law Enforcements, Intelligences Services, or just an ordinary citizen, knowing how people lies gives you an unfair advantage of not being conned, "says 64DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Sep 09, 2016
"If you know you're predisposed to any form of disease, you can change your diet, environment, lifestyle or epigenetic genes to avoid getting it. You can't change something you don't know what it is, "says 64DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Sep 05, 2016
"Yes! 1 of the 24 Master DNA and its equivalent 2 Blood Types you chose at birth to ensure your survival dictates your intelligence, personality and temperament," says 64DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Aug 31, 2016
"Your genetic gender can't be changed. You are born either a Male or Female. Your epigenetic gender can be change by your choice which is influence by your lifestyle, diet, environment, and epigenetic genes. Your DNA shows both," says Afamasaga

Aug 16, 2016
"You have 2 types of Brain. Either you think with your Mind Brain where the right hemisphere is dominant and left hemisphere is recessive or your Body Brain where the right side is dominant and left side is recessive, "says Scientist Afamasaga.

Jul 26, 2016
"Every language is based on an Alphabet. Our DNA or genes language is no exception and is based on an Alphabet made of 64 Master DNA Sequences or 64 composite letters, "says Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Jul 15, 2011
“These 2 New Periodic Tables accounts for all elements and their properties that built our parallel Universes,” says 24 DNA co-founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Jul 14, 2011
“This simple invention that costs less than $20 will test for your 2 Blood Types, Rh+- Factors, Secretor and Non-secretor status, and most important your master DNA sequence,” says 24 DNA co-founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

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