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Sep 05, 2011
What if Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand and Abraham Maslow got a chance to get together and JOINTLY revise their theories using new data? Two new novels make the attempt.

Aug 27, 2011
On the eve of Hurricane Irene, days after the East Coast earthquake, and on the verge of mass starvation in Somalia, the A3 society is reaching out in an effort to raise international awareness on the 40th Anniversary of the Club of Rome report.

Feb 17, 2011
Based on a new model of morality developed from a new understanding of the human brain and human psychology, a new social structure is presented as the next step beyond our current form of democracy.

Jan 19, 2011
Einstein created the Theory of Relativity, not to show the speed of light was constant, but how bizarre physics would be if it was. Teaching Relativity as truth misses its purpose

Jan 02, 2011
Conflicting traits of two human species coexisting today explain many of the social problems in the world. Major characteristics of the species along with their evolutionary roots and social impact are described in a new novel by Bruce Nappi.

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