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May 01, 2014
Website Owners Warned Against SCAMADVISER.COM! US Internet Web Piracy Targets Asians and Africans!

Feb 06, 2011
The world has a high ass! Snake-oil war is a sandwich with the Western sausage caught between the two royal halves of Egyptian bun! Toxic foreign Jihad-restaurants in your cities and anti US-dollar conversion revs in Cairo! - By Sanga Sinouoa

Jan 18, 2011
Mummie eaters love AIDS! - Mortuary delights of Mordor! All kosher carrion? - White like pus and free of foreign blood! That's a pretty pale kind of pig! - By Sanga Sinouoa

Dec 31, 2010
The STUPIDEST BLOND reads religious books upside down in her own toilet! EGYPTIAN COBRA ANTIDOTE cures all viral poisons and AIDS within 24 hours. The BOTOX daughter of General Motors is exposed by the medical SERPENT OF AESCULAP! - By Sanga Sinouoa

Dec 12, 2010
Cobra-Antidote cures AIDS and all viral infections in 7 Minutes! Western Pharma before African Pharaoh! Dunce White bats of the medical church steeple poking their own incest shit for money! - by Sanga Sinouoa

May 22, 2010
The hair around the hairy hole is often a mustache under the white judge's wig! AIDS has been over with tannic acid molasses! Ahhh, so keep suckin' dark sweets! - by Sanga Sinouoa

May 09, 2010
Pharma Pharaoh STUNNY PHAROUK-STARZMANN is the worst nightmare of any EU-doctor or racist gay white pharma bank. SEX among animals in AFRICA is common, but AIDS isn't! Ancient valley goat Stunny hammers like a doll! - Perfectly! - by Sanga Sinouoa

Feb 11, 2010
Why jihad-restaurants destroy manic Western games of monetary malperception and why JEALOUSY towards Stunny Pharouk's sexual philosophy was a stupid RADIO-active mistake! - by Sanga Sinoua

Dec 26, 2009 patron, Ron Lee Williams, of Germany's race-relations organisation ARIC and a star-lawyer Dr. David Schneider-Addae-Mensah assist the huge Stunny Pharouk human-rights scandal case, 15th December 2009 for christmas! - by Sanga Sinouoa

Dec 25, 2009
When pissed off Americans say Eeeewww over the EU's Turkish christmas hitting the USA; who is to tell if the restaurant salt-shaker was layed flat on the table or standing like an errrrection. - by Sanga Sinouoa

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