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Jul 13, 2022
New 'Platinum Certificate in Lean,' with one-on-one coaching, brings Lean thinking to the next level. The Certificate program bridges the gap between training and learning with the help of a Lean coach.

Jul 06, 2022
The new 'Advanced Lean Leadership Certificate,' with one-on-one coaching, helps leaders to bridge the gap between training and learning. Lean management is a collaborative scientific management approach.

Apr 01, 2021
The popular 'Introduction to Lean' course is now online, leading to a Certificate of Completion. The course features videos, quizzes, downloads and a work-based assignment. Alpen Path Solutions has offered Intro to Lean to thousands since 2015.

Jan 23, 2021
The fifth video, "Myths about Lean", is part of the Lean Learning Series and is available on-line. It humorously presents a few of the many myths about Lean that prevent organizations from becoming outstanding at flowing value to their customers.

Jan 16, 2021
The fourth video, "Collaborative science in Lean, an overview", part of the Lean Learning Series is available on-line. It provides an overview of how everyone engages in collaborative science in a Lean organization, as equals who improve flow.

Jan 15, 2021
The third video, "Problems: a paradigm shift in Lean organizations", part of the Lean Learning Series is now available on-line. It presents a fundamental shift in how problems are framed and who counters problems in Lean organizations.

Jan 13, 2021
The 2nd video, "Lean: improve flow", part of the Lean Learning Series is now available on-line. It provides an explicit definition for what is deemed an improvement in Lean organizations.

Jan 11, 2021
The first video in the Lean Learning Series, "What is Lean?", is now available on-line. The Alpen Path Solutions Lean Learning Series aims to break down barriers to learning about Lean and help individuals and organizations become Lean.

Nov 16, 2020
In response to customer demand, the Ottawa-based authors of Lean: Manage work as a flow system, France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet penned a 3rd edition.

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