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May 29, 2021
Looking at the IPO launch of FTC Solor Inc. expected about $1 Billion market cap expected. Opening IPO stock price will fluctuate between $10 and $18 per share.

May 29, 2021
Recently, ZipRecruiter launched an IPO public offering with estimated $3 Billion valuation. ZipRecruiter expects revenue to jump 25% in Q2 2021, as U.S. economy opens-up. But we forecast revenue growth will level out around 10% or less

May 10, 2021
We're seeing drone small package delivery in urban cities and rural residential areas throughout America. Today, a customer may shop online, buy an item then checkout and expect delivery of the purchase within 1-hour or less ... Read More

Apr 30, 2021
A non fungible token (NFT) is a unique item, a token certifying it's one-of -a-kind such as drawings, music, original artwork, baseball and basketball cards, digital video or animations and even original written content, articles, research and ...

Apr 30, 2021
The cost to build a complete electric vehicle infrastructure including charging stations, EV repair technician job training, home electric charging upgrades and autonomous vehicle apps on a 5G network also enabling Internet of Things (IoT) ...

Apr 30, 2021
Today, work doesn't follow a pattern. Or, if a pattern exists, machines and algorithms will process that information faster and perform tasks quicker than even the most experienced human worker can. In this era of AI and information overload ...

Mar 12, 2021
In America, nearly 12 million baby boomers who own a business, and 70% of them will be retiring over the next ten years reports

Feb 28, 2021
America has done a poor job at maximizing every citizen's potential. Research shows the U.S. has lost $16 Trillion in economic productivity and innovation in the last 20 years reports

Feb 24, 2021
Agriculture Indoor Farming global market may to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% to reach $50 billion or more by 2025 reports

Jan 05, 2021
Every family business owner and corporation to prepare for higher taxes and increased regulations that may follow with the new Biden / Harris administration taking the leadership helm according to

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