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May 07, 2022
A cry for help by a community that has been suffering for centuries. A worthy cause for an uncertain outcome.

Mar 16, 2022
From natural resources comes artificial ingredients to make societies.

Mar 13, 2022
A concern to be informed of what matters allows a calming effect to take hold of the worried mind.

Mar 06, 2022
A liquid core, a soft mantle, a rocky crust, and hard headed humans.

Mar 02, 2022
A lasting expression of pride for a heritage that represents a peaceful transition of society's concepts.

Mar 01, 2022
A constant effort to commit war crimes by way of nationalism. A conflict that ends in tragedy.

Feb 28, 2022
An E.L.E. during this new millennium; as time shifts is there a solution?

Feb 26, 2022
A smile. A grin. A laugh. A happier healthier mood changing traumatic experiences.

Feb 26, 2022
A desert dust bowl in the heart of hope to live free as the bull roams in meadows. As the birds migrate to be reborn.

Feb 25, 2022
A country for the brave of heart. Soldier by dedicated loyalty, and the love for country. Nationalism at its best; giving up life to protect all fellow citizens.

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