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Creative Investment Research announces media partnership
Feb 18, 2018
Creative Investment Research now a media partner for the 3rd annual Opal Group Impact Investing Forum.

William Michael Cunningham advising new blockchain research and development firm
Feb 16, 2018
Mr. Cunningham serves as an advisor to Alluminate, a blockchain research, development and consulting firm that "builds and supports the blockchain industry.."

William Michael Cunningham to address the Atlanta Student Investors Club (ASIC) at Georgia State
Feb 09, 2018
ASIC Talks podcast on leadership. Questions will focus on how to develop leadership qualities as young professionals and students.

Feb. 13th - Fully Adjusted Return Forecast for 2018
Jan 24, 2018
Join us on Feb.13, 2018 at 6 pm as we review the 2018 economic outlook and discuss new risk factors.

Blockchain Survey Issued on SurveyMonkey
Jan 21, 2018
"Blockchain" is a new technology used for structuring digital assets, e.g., digital currencies like Bitcoin. We have launched a survey to help determine the most appropriate applications for blockchain technology.

Crowdfunding to Restore Net Neutrality
Dec 17, 2017
The FCC eliminated net neutrality on December 14, 2017. William Michael Cunningham launched a crowdfunding effort on GoFundMe that same day to raise money to file a formal request that Federal Court review this FCC decision.

Bitcoin: What you need to know - December 20, 2017
Dec 08, 2017
REBROADCAST BY POPULAR DEMAND Join us to learn more about this new payment mechanism/currency. We review Bitcoin, its spectacular price growth, describe where it is now and what it could become.

Seminar on the New Tax Law and You
Dec 06, 2017
This seminar will review the impact of the recently passed tax bill.

William Michael Cunningham to speak at Blockchain for Social Impact Conference
Nov 07, 2017
William Michael Cunningham will speak about new blockchain enabled impact investments at the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference, to be held on Friday, November 17, 2017 at the Microsoft Technology Center, New York, NY.

William Michael Cunningham to speak at National Science Foundation sponsored crowdfunding workshop
Oct 01, 2017
William Michael Cunningham will speak at workshop titled "The Role of Crowdfunding in the STEM Ecosystem" sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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