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Aug 02, 2022
Old school thrash metal band HATE MACHINE announced their newest member this past month.

Mar 29, 2021
Local band, HATE MACHINE, from the Lehigh Valley has begun piecing together a multi-part series of interviews and behind-the-scenes documentary that bring hope and awareness for those suffering from Depression.

Aug 16, 2020
Aiden is affiliated with the Nazareth thrash outfit, Relapsed. Aiden is also an accomplished School of Rock graduate.

Mar 07, 2019
Chaos Guitars will put their R&D in the hands of actual local musicians.

Mar 06, 2019
Jeffrey Hinz is affiliated with Sinaro, The Unbroken and Enstrife

Mar 06, 2019
Chaos Guitars is a guitar company that treats its Artists like family.

Oct 20, 2018
In today's "throw away" world, restoration will prevail. Restoration of guitar neck frets prolongs the life of the guitar and is more cost effective.

Sep 24, 2018
Two giraffes plus one guitar equals total Chaos at the zoo. Chaos Guitars brings feature build to the zoo to get giraffes approval.

Sep 08, 2018
A blood splattered guitar tribute to the Dexter T.V. series.

Aug 31, 2018
Building a Custom Guitar to Help Raise Money and Awareness for the Animals

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