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Jun 26, 2015
It's all about Emily and the Fourth of July and Boston and fending off a big bully Precious #kindlecountdown book for ages 6-8 Kindergarten - 2nd grade

May 05, 2014
I's all about food and sharing. As Ludmila shared the food in her barn in Suzdahl Russia, so Norah shared her food with friends and the world.

Apr 30, 2014
What, you may ask, relates Norah Ephron to Character Education for Kids? Start with good manners and cooking!

Apr 09, 2014
Moving on to Italy and the Tuscan and Florentine Treasures Yet to be Discovered - Hidden Nazi Caches

Apr 01, 2014
Part 5 - The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) program is established in 1943

Mar 27, 2014
The Monuments Men Part 4 It's impossible not to diverge here with the story of La Belle Ferronniere.

Mar 22, 2014
The answer draws near...what is the connect between Character Education for Kids and The Monuments Men? Read

Mar 22, 2014
Have you yet discovered the connect between the Monuments Men and Character Education for kids? The answer follows!

Feb 28, 2014
The answer awaits at Check it out now!

Oct 02, 2013
Follow Boston's Freedom Trail to a revolution against a bully. Emily is a nice, playful dog. So why would she join forces with a big bully like Spike? This compelling story unfolds along the Freedom Trail...a perfect backdrop for Emily's struggle.

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