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Chroma ATE Introduces Optoelectronic Source Measurement System for Burn-in and Reliability Testing
Jan 23, 2012
Chroma ATE has introduced its new Chroma Optoelectronic Source Measurement System designed for burn-in, reliability and life testing of optoelectronic components. The system is being unveiled this week at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, CA.

Chroma ATE Aims to Increases R&D Engineering Efficiency with New Automated 3110 Hybrid Handler
Dec 12, 2011
Multiplying engineers resources with minimal investment, Chroma ATE announced its new 3110 Hybrid Handler for the Semiconductor Industry offering a compact footprint, fully automated device handing, multi bin sorting and remote capabilities.

Chroma ATE Introduces the Industry’s First Analog Resource with TMU Per Pin Architecture
Nov 17, 2011
Chroma ATE has announced its new VI-45 Analog Resource Board - the industry’s first analog resource with TMU per pin architecture. The VI-45 is the first in a series of analog resources developed for the Chroma 3650 Test System.

Chroma ATE Announces New Model 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
Oct 26, 2011
Chroma ATE announced its new 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System for secondary battery module and pack test and features a regenerative energy discharge design.

Chroma ATE Announces New 17200 Programmable Charge/Discharge Tester for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Oct 25, 2011
Chroma ATE has announced its new 17200 Programmable Charge/Discharge Tester for Lithium-Ion Batteries with modularized multi-channel architecture supporting CV (Constant Voltage), CC (Constant Current) and CP (Constant Power) test modes.

Chroma Ate Inc. to Attend Display Week 2011
Mar 24, 2011
Chroma ATE will be showcasing select devices from their product lineup of video pattern generators and color analyzers at the 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition this year in Los Angeles.

Boston-Power Selects Chroma ATE Inc. for Battery Formation
Aug 23, 2010
Chroma’s energy efficient Lithium-ion Battery Formation Solution is selected by Boston-Power for cell formation performed by precision instrumentation in a safe environment while saving electrical power and reducing the CO2 footprint.

Chroma ATE Introduces Solar Panel Manufacturing Solutions to North America
Jul 13, 2010
Chroma is launching phase-II of its solar manufacturing solutions in North American by introducing its automated & completely integrated solar panel assembly line for both thin film and c-Si cell technologies.

The NSRRC Looks to Chroma to Build Power Supply Systems for World’s Brightest Photon Source
May 24, 2010
Chroma announces that it has acquired a contract with the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) to build ultra high-stability power supplies for their Photon Source.

Chroma ATE Announces Ultra-High Resolution PXI-Based SMU
Mar 29, 2010
Chroma ATE announces the newest member of its PXI series, the 52401.

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