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CareerArc Group CEO Robin Richards Turns To Circle R Brands Again For New Logo And Tagline
Jun 15, 2011
CareerArc Group & Internships.com CEO, Robin Richards, turns to creative branding agency, Circle R Brands again to create new logo and tagline for CareerArc Group, the web-based social recruiting solutions network.

Newly Created Brand Names Help Clear The Air: CleanliNEST™ & Heal Estate™
Sep 22, 2010
Circle®Brands Brand Architects announced the creation of two company brand names for nationally recognized Indoor Air Quality specialists, Sanit-Air, Inc.: CleanliNEST™ & Heal Estate™ are Memetic brand names that generate a sense of familiarity.

Brand Naming Innovators Reap Praise For "Disruptive Thinking!"
Aug 07, 2009
When venturing into uncharted territory, like Circle-R-Brands has boldly done by upending the traditional approach to branding, it’s nice to know we’re not alone. We’d like to share some thoughtful praise from a variety of esteemed peers.

Circle®Brands On Forefront Of Changing Creative Model Of Branding Industry
Feb 23, 2009
Circle®Brands is on the forefront of changing the creative model of the branding agency as category defying ideas become the currency of creative companies. Circle®Brands strategic pre-packaged brand identity properties are an industry first.

Circle®Brands Combines Science of "Memetics" with Branding Industry First
Oct 15, 2008
Circle-R-Brands initiated a branding industry first by pre-packaging and trademarking multi-channel memetic-based brand identity packages for those industries ripe for re-invention to vastly accelerate impact and time to market.

Circle®Brands Bold Reverse Engineering Process Is Branding Industry First
Jun 16, 2008
In a radical departure from the norm, Circle®Brands has boldly reverse-engineered the customary approach to branding by creating and trademarking complete brand packages in advance of any client initiative; which has never been done before now.