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May 24, 2017
Indicators of Losses in the Culture War 1. Increasing validation of sexual immorality in the arts. 2. Increasing profanity, mocking the holy, and vulgar speech in the arts. 3. Proliferation of pornography, especially on the internet. 4.

May 17, 2017
"strengthening your faith is a key to healing" The rate is a minimum three email exchanges (first reply free) with a fee based on ability to pay using $145 (US) as the usual amount.

Mar 28, 2017
While the author is only an observer, he believes human societies are engaged in a struggle between biblical values and beliefs and those of an unbelieving world. This can be understood as the state of humanity since ancient times.

Mar 22, 2017
Corroborating witnesses report Jesus of Nazareth was born of a virgin, changed water to wine, made the blind see, healed the lame, raised the dead, walked on water, calmed the storm, fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fishes, and rose again.

Mar 09, 2017
This is a "game" that will increase your hope and optimism, creativity, self-actualization, and human potential.

Dec 10, 2016
Read the stories of homeless at and refugees at and pledge a gift. Deliver or mail your gift before December 22 from anywhere online (e.g., using the story ID number as person's name.

Aug 01, 2016
IS YOUR PRESIDENT A PSYCHOPATH? Introduce legislation requiring Presidential candidates to undergo psychological testing with results published for public review and consideration.

Jul 20, 2016
The Educational Therapy model is one in which learning about counselling, is understood as a cognitive therapeutic experience in itself. This is a collection of many student comments and evaluations of the online course.

Jun 23, 2016
Academic and public libraries have added the Effective Counseling Skills course text to holdings, useful to the general public, professionals, and departments of education, psychology, counseling, social work, health sciences, and mental health.

Jun 13, 2016
The concept of a transcendent entity as the source of morality and ultimate justice is an essential foundation of rational human life and functioning.

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