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DrShreya.com Homeopathic Consultation Services now in Belgaum City, Karnataka
Jun 10, 2015
With ever-lasting support of worldwide clientele, drshreya.com- Dr Shreya’s Homeopathy- has successfully started its Homeopathic Consultation Service in Sadashiv Nagar, Belgaum.

DrShreya.com Announces Start of Fresh Registrations for Online Homeopathic Study Courses!
Apr 20, 2011
Homeopathy is fast becoming a popular mode of therapy. People are opting for homeopathy as their study course. To help them enhance the knowledge of homeopathy, drshreya.com has announced fresh registration for Online Homeopathic Study Courses.

DrShreya.com’s New Year Gift- Separate Homeopathic Consultation Module for Skin Patients!
Dec 21, 2010
Belgaum, India, Dec 21, 2010- With the increasing client-base across the world, drshreya.com, an online homeopathic consultancy needed to take some steps to boost up efficiency.From Jan 1, 2011, it will have a separate consultancy for skin troubles!

DrShreya.com Launches Power- Prescription Method for Overall Improvement of Patients on All Planes
Oct 18, 2010
DrShreya.com launches an All-Encompassing Prescription Method to deal with all the diseases effectively. It caters patients from all over the world with Homeopathy, Yoga, Pranayam, and other natural modes of treatment.

DrShreya.com now on Facebook and Twitter!
Sep 28, 2010
DrShreya.com, the leading online homeopathic consultancy, has enhanced its boundaries by joining twitter and facebook, the leading networking sites. There are many people already following it there.

DrShreya.com Announces Free “Skype” Interview for Online Homeopathic Consultation!
Jun 06, 2010
Adding a touch of one-to-one correspondence,DrShreya.com has good news for patients across the globe.Now the patients can schedule online interview on Skype with the doctor absolutely free of cost.Patients can decide whether to go for the treatment.

DrShreya.com Completes Second Successful Year of Online Homeopathic Treatment for Worldwide Patients
May 20, 2010
With ever-lasting support of worldwide clientele, drshreya.com successfully entered third successive year in the world of online homeopathic consultancy. Many streams for convenient consultation and easy payment options are introduced by the faculty.

DrShreya.com Celebrates WHAW by Reducing Prescription Rates to $10 for 1 Month!
Mar 31, 2010
In an attempt to enhance popularity of homeopathy, homeopathic consultancy DrShreya.com is celebrating WHAW by giving its patients massive discount, so that the patients can enjoy the homeopathic prescriptions from expert homeopath at nominal fees!

DrShreya.com Launches Separate and Faster Consultation Module for US People!
Mar 22, 2010
With rapid growing online clientele across 60 countries, DrShreya.com recently launched new and separate consultation modules for people from different territories. The big base United States gets better attention now with faster consultation module.

DrShreya.com Launches a Separate Faculty for Fast and Efficient Treatment of Asthma Patients!
Feb 19, 2010
the results for asthma and related respiratory disorders are noteworthy with homeopathy. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are known to alleviate asthma and hyper-reactive airway diseases completely.