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Ecocar Motors Inc. Press releases

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Oct 06, 2023
Ecocar Motors: Pioneering the Future with Solar Supercars & Sustainable Nickel Iron Batteries

Jul 11, 2023
Elżbieta Cebeńko Ecocar COO Elżbieta Cebeńko is a skilled engineer and businesswoman, who was born in Poland and currently resides in Rzeszów.

Jul 11, 2023
It's important that as we create a safer and brighter future together that we maintain the same vision and integrity, we are thrilled to welcome Mohamed Mohamud as our new CFO.

Jun 08, 2023
Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry: Ecocar Motors and XTR1 Join Forces to Create Innovative, Sustainable, and Autonomous Mobility Solutions

Mar 17, 2023
Ecocar Motors has developed Community Ride Share Program to help support your local communities world wide, Since this is a community based program please contact your local state and local government agencies to help in funding an Ecocar Community...

Mar 17, 2023
Affordable, and eco-friendly way to hit the road in style We are Reshaping the future with No Limits Looking for a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly way to hit the road in style? Look no further than Ecocar Motors Inc.'s latest offering: the Eco ZER...

Mar 11, 2023
Ecocar Motors, the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly vehicles, has announced that they will be launching a Reg D 506(c) private offering.

Mar 10, 2023
Ecocar Motors has announced that it will produce its latest electric vehicle, the Eco X, in Mississippi. The decision to manufacture the Eco X in Mississippi is part of the company's efforts to expand its production capabilities

Mar 10, 2023
Ecocar Motors has recently presented the design of its latest electric vehicle, the Eco X. This new model is expected to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market, with a sleek and futuristic design that is sure to turn heads.

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