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Implementing Ranked Choice Voting in Sarasota
Mar 28, 2017
With the purchase of new voting machines in 2016, the City of Sarasota can honor voters' wishes and finally implement ranked choice voting (instant runoff voting). Local reformers are holding an educational meeting on the issue on Sunday, April 9th.

Florida students lead on Right to Vote
Mar 28, 2014
Student organizations in Florida have called on the Legislature to establish an explicit right to vote, a task force on voting to expand and improve voting access, and repeal 2011's House Bill 1355.

Retaliatory Amendment 12 is discouraging to youth and student civic participation
Oct 03, 2012
Florida Initiative for Electoral Reform (FLIER) believes that the retaliatory nature of Amendment 12 would provide state university students with nothing more than a chilling effect over student representation in the higher education system.

Broward County needs proportional representation
May 04, 2012
Instead of debating how to best pack and crack voters, Broward County should consider a better solution. FLIER calls on Broward County to consider proportional representation in the interests of the public and a functional representative democracy.

Legislative and Congressional districts would be more fair with "super districts"
Mar 22, 2012
Multi-member super districts, elected through proportional representation, are a better idea to resolve Florida's redistricting fight.

Florida students learn about "representative democracy" the hard way
Mar 09, 2012
Without big bank accounts for lobbying or campaign contributions, Florida's college and university students are finding out the hard way about how little "representative democracy" they have in the state's two-party plutocracy.

State college system students will press voting rights and access issues in Tallahassee
Feb 01, 2012
On February 2nd, the Florida College System Student Government Association, representing some 1 million of Florida's state and community college students, will gather in Tallahassee to push the Legislature on voting rights and voting access issues.

Florida university students tackle voting rights and voting access issues
Jan 25, 2012
The Florida Student Association, representing Florida’s 330,000 university students, calls for the repeal of HB 1355 while offering positive alternatives that protect voting rights, and improve access to voting, in the interests of all Floridians.

Florida's 1 Million State College Students Reject HB 1355
Dec 19, 2011
Spurred on by Palm Beach State College's Boca Raton campus Student Government Association, a statewide group representing Florida's 1 million state college students proposes the repeal of HB 1355 and improvement of access to voting.

Florida's counties and cities are busy gerrymandering
Sep 02, 2011
While voters' attention is focused on the Legislature, local officials are busy gerrymandering county and city districts. FLIER urges Florida's localities, that wish to use districts, to adopt a transparent and objective redistricting process.

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