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Oct 24, 2021
When James Flynn's nephew was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, it hit his whole family hard. They felt the helplessness that people feel when a loved one is in trouble but there seems little they can do.

Oct 24, 2021
Author Meghan Purvis, was awarded an Arts Council grant to help her research The Wages of Dying, her debut novel, set between New York and New Orleans in 1920s America.

Aug 10, 2021
A story of transference on a level previously found only in a psychiatrist's nightmare

Mar 15, 2021
Ten years ago, Annie Percik found herself debating with her husband whether or not a society based on magic would need call centres and customer complaints departments; and whether a burgeoning MT (Magic Technology) industry would grow to mirror the IT...

Mar 10, 2020
'Our new Gaming division introduces novice gamers to the joys of board and tabletop gaming without the steep learning curve', says CEO Dan.

Nov 17, 2019
And if fizzy drinks might work miracles on the health front, why would anyone want to keep it quiet?

Nov 05, 2019
While retired doctor and university lecturer, Mark P Henderson, was teaching part-time in a men's prison, one of his students, who he describes as an intelligent ex-SAS officer, conjectured that modern economies (and hence society) would collapse if...

Oct 31, 2019
Author Danuta Reah has just landed a prestigious award for her short story, The Dummies' Guide to Serial Killing that appeared in a charity anthology from small press, Fantastic Books Publishing.

Mar 04, 2019
Barbara Lorna Hudson, Green Templeton College Emeritus Fellow and former psychiatric social worker, sees publication of her second novel on International Women's Day, 2019.

Nov 27, 2018
"'Nothing was ever proved' might stand some day as Rory Redman's epitaph." So says Cerebus C Gardog in this fast-moving tale of love and treachery set in England and Ruritania.

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