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Oct 26, 2022
There are many benefits to be had when you prune your trees properly. Doing this can help them stay healthy, full, and beautiful. Certain techniques are needing to properly execute tree pruning to achieve the best results and not harm the tree.

Oct 17, 2022
Majority of people you ask won't have any experience when it comes to getting rid of a tree. Removing a tree, even for the experts, can not just be a tricky task, but an extremely dangerous one as well.

Oct 13, 2022
There are many reasons a tree might need to be removed. Some reasons include disease, storms, or wanting to change the landscape. For these things, one or more trees might need to be removed, if the situation permits it.

Oct 12, 2022
Be certain that your trees stay healthy and hire our extraordinary tree care services here at Five Star! In this blog post, we would like to go over the best times to water your plants and trees so that they can thrive and be their absolute healthiest.

Oct 03, 2022
Many people get excited in the spring when gardening season finally comes around after a long winter! With the nice warm weather comes the perfect opportunity to shape your shrubs. You should prune, trim, and shape your shrubs before the leaves come in.

Sep 19, 2022
When we talk about value and what things matter most, trees are not often brought up in conversation, even though they easily tick both of these boxes.

Sep 09, 2022
When its summer, you can expect lots of sunshine and long, hot days. During this time, your plants are going to need lots of water to stay healthy. Making consistent watering a must. However, there is a fine line between overwatering and underwatering.

Sep 07, 2022
If you desire to keep your trees healthy for as long as possible, pruning is an important step to implement in your tree maintenance. Even so, there are always good and bad ways to prune a tree.

Sep 02, 2022
Once winter finally dies down, spring ends up poking its head around the corner. Once the warm weather starts to take precedent, this means that you should start maintaining your trees.

Sep 01, 2022
There are two primary factors that need to be considered when an arborist is doing a tree assessment. The first thing is the trees structural integrity. The second thing is a trees overall vigor. The basics for tree maintenance and care is pruning.

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