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Mar 13, 2010
Andrew Hoffman discusses details of the tools that society’s institutions use to enforce satan’s will on mankind, on the 15 – 19 march 2010 “future quake” radio programs

Mar 07, 2010
Andrew hoffman’s new book reveals the framework of the spiritual war behind society’s institutions and power structures

Feb 28, 2010
Researcher van smith exposes new data on “america’s stonehenge”, and its relevance to current worldwide activities, on the 1 – 5 march 2010 “future quake” radio programs

Feb 20, 2010
Surgeon and radio show host stan monteith exposes the deadly and hidden legacy of our immunization and public health policies, on the 22 - 26 feb 10 “future quake” radio programs

Feb 20, 2010
National tea party founder dale robertson sets the record straight about the goals and true allies in their movement, on the 15 – 19 feb 10 “future quake” radio programs

Feb 07, 2010
Goooh representative steve armbruster reveals a novel grass-roots effort to choose elected officials, on the 8 – 12 feb 10 “future quake” radio programs

Jan 30, 2010
Scholar dr. Dennis cuddy reveals evidence of a modern elite who even orchestrate history’s “good” wars, on the 1 – 5 feb 2010 “future quake” radio programs

Jan 20, 2010
Popular guests “mish”, robert heid, chris white, show hosts and listeners give their predictions for the coming year

Jan 09, 2010
Pastor and prophecy scholar makes his case for a conditional, “partial rapture” of members of the body of christ, on the 11 – 15 jan 10 “future quake” radio programs

Jan 01, 2010
New book by popular author baigent targets traditional religions and their perceived dangers to humanity, on the 4 – 8 jan 2010 “future quake” radio programs

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