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Feb 07, 2024
From Literary Titan: This book stands out for its insightful discussions and clear presentation of ideas.

Jun 01, 2023
George Mason's America: The State Sovereignty Alternative to Madison's Centralized American Ruling Class Aristocracy.

May 03, 2023
Laurie Thomas Vass, of Gabby Press, earned a 5 star book review from Literary Titan, a scholarly organization of professional editors, writers, and professors, for her book, Reclaiming the American Democratic Impulse. ( 2023.).

Apr 07, 2023
A Small Business Entrepreneurial Economy Based Upon a Constitution That Guarantees Individual Liberty and National Economic Sovereignty.

Mar 11, 2023
Recent Rasmussen poll that 33% of the American voting public is in favor of a national divorce

Dec 20, 2022
"Our book is about why George Mason's vision of America would have been a better path, in 1787, for ordinary common American citizens than Madison's constitutional rules," said Vass.

Nov 23, 2022
Reedsy Discovery, a London-based internet book platform launched a promotion for a new book by Laurie Thomas Vass, of GabbyPress, titled, "Updating Schumpeter's Gales of Creative Destruction: Exploiting the Vulnerability of New World Order Corporate...

Sep 06, 2017
Solving America's Intractable Problem of Socialism By Partitioning America Into Free and Slave States

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