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Dec 04, 2012
There are lots of reports out there of insane behavior taking place at the Annual Office Christmas Party that potentially could get you into more trouble than you ever bargained for. But hold on, that's not necessarily true. It's all about the fun!

Nov 08, 2012
Did you know that Jogging for as little as an hour a week can put years on your life, new research has shown.

Feb 26, 2011 a T-Shirt Superstore, Exclusively for Women, Brands it's Name, jumps in with the Big Players. FlirtyDivaTees recently hit the Best Seller List in the Niche Market of Women's Feminine Fitting Fashionable High Quality Message Tees.

Jan 16, 2011 Facebook Fan Page is oFFering Freebie Tees to Facebook Fans who can come up with a Winning Funny Flirty Phrase!

Dec 08, 2010
Flirty Tees+Women=PROFITABLE.The combination has one "Flirty Factory" building sales & showing profits. As long as there are men pursuing women & women pursuing men FlirtyDivaTees has a niche market that shows the sky's the limit for Flirty T-shirts.

Dec 01, 2010
The hours are long, it's very stressful, & the pay (among other things) REALLY STINKS. But stop there, motherhood has to be the best darn job in the universe. If pure love is any where on your list of things to experience.. become a mom.

Nov 30, 2010
In this tense economy, when money is tight & you are in survival mode, you may be inclined to tighten down & feel you can't do much to have fun & still pay all the bills. But here's the antidote to this, find a way to have just a little cheap fun.

Nov 29, 2010
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