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Oct 26, 2014
[“Power in the House!” which is the controversial e-book by R.B. Roberts has recently exploded online as two new editions making it even more accessible than ever before]

Oct 12, 2014
[Earlier this year, a senior citizen nearly 90-years-old of Boynton Beach, FL gave a dishonest person $11,000.00 to renovate her kitchen. However, after receiving the money, he exited without any apparent intention to return]

Sep 24, 2014
Recently, R.B. Roberts in association with HGRBS has released a written message for the network’s Volunteer Associates of the present and future. It is literally a call for them to continue in their vigilance for homeowners and homerenters of U.S.

Jun 23, 2014
[Recently, R.B. Roberts (HGRBS spokesman) in an Authors Den blog, lambasted the monetary prerequisites for ISBN market privileges. He charged that they sabotage the efforts of many creative writers by denying fair opportunities for publicizing.

May 31, 2014
[This new webpage features crucial forms which homeowners and homerenters can readily use previous to and in the process of home projects to retain control over what they spend, in particular, and, over the projects, in general]

May 15, 2014
Since 2009, the header for the Preamble of HGRBS has experienced minor revisions. But to be in tune with more of what the network represents, it was necessary do a major overhaul. This entailed eliminating the entire lead paragraph……

Nov 23, 2012
Great news for American homeowners and homerenters. R.B. Roberts (consumer advocate) of HGRB Services has announced this morning that his market audios (as opposed to free) will be streamable and downloadable for only $3.16 for Christmas season.

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