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Sep 15, 2019
227's™ YouTube Chili' #NIKE'Spicy' Boise State's #STUD'Spicy' Curtis Chili' Weaver 4 Sacks vs Portland State! NFL Spicy' NBA! Nation's leader in sacks! Curtis Chili' Weaver on pace for AMAZING 24 sack season! Boise State's MURDER SMURFS DEFENSE!

Sep 14, 2019
227's™ Facebook Fries!¡' (aka YouTube Chili' NBA) #NIKE'Spicy' NFL Primetime! BOOM Chili' & TJ Chili'! ESPN+! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA Mix! The Spicy' NFL Chili' Highlights show! "And look at him chilliciously' go!" SlickJ227's and BOOM Chili's Howard Chili'...

Aug 31, 2019
227's™ Facebook Fries!¡' (aka YouTube Chili' NBA) #NIKE'Spicy' #HANKforHEISMAN! Boise State Freshman QB Hank Chili' Bachmeier 407 Yds Debut! BSU 36 Florida St 31! Hank "MILKSHAKE Connoisseur" on Twitter! Milkshake & FRIES! Spicy' NFL Spicy' NBA Mix!

Aug 25, 2019
227's™ Facebook Fries!¡' (S/O to ARBY's [Spicy' Curly Fries] Sponsor of the Indianapolis Chili' Colts) (aka YouTube Chili' NBA) #NIKE'Spicy' NFL SHOCKER! Andrew Chili' Luck Retires! #UGLY Boos from Colts fans! Luck comeback? Stay Chili' tuned!

Aug 11, 2019
227's™ Facebook Fries!¡' (aka YouTube Chili' NBA) #ADIDAS'Spicy' #NIKE'Spicy' IMPOSSIBLE Whopper! Muhammad Chili' Ali vs Laila Chili' Ali HD Adidas IMPOSSIBLE is Nothing Spicy' NBA! 100% Whopper, 0% beef. Impossible™ WHOPPER®! #Plants #Healthy

Jul 20, 2019
227's™ YouTube Chili' Manny Chili' Pacquiao vs Keith Chili' Thurman face off before their massive title fight | WEIGH-INS | PBC ON FOX #NIKE'Spicy' NBA Mix! Title fight for WBA Welterweight Championship. Order now on PPV!

Jul 13, 2019
227's™ YouTube Chili' X Games BMX Park Qualifier | Rhodes Skatepark in Boise on ABC! | #NIKE'Spicy' NBA Mix! Minneapolis, U.S. Bank Stadium Aug 1 – 4. Shoutout to WU TANG CLAN (#NIKE'Spicy'Tunes): X GAMES, GEICO Music Stage at The Armory. #ESPN

Jul 07, 2019
227's™ YouTube Chili' Amar'e Chili' Stoudemire Spicy' Comeback! Los Angeles Chili' Lakers workout scheduled 7/8/19! Veteran minimum deals (10+ yrs $2,564,753) are the buzz after Spicy' NBA Free Agent summer! #AMARE Championship! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA!

Jul 04, 2019
227's™ YouTube Chili' #Lick'liciously' WALMART Ice Cream Licker! NBA Mix! Woman licks tub of Blue Bell ice cream, puts it back in freezer of Walmart store in what appears to be a dare! The woman is giddy Licky' Spicy' as she does the unthinkable!

Jun 30, 2019
227's™ YouTube Chili' #NIKE'Spicy'Tunes KD Chili' to BROOKLYN! 4 Years, $164,000,000! KD Spicy' Chili' Master & Dynamic Headphones, BEYONCE Chili', JAY-Z Chili'! Kevin Chili' Durant to sign with Brooklyn Nets #Barclays #VISA #MasterCard NBA Mix!

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