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Sep 17, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' BOISE STATE vs OKLAHOMA STATE on FS1! College Football! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! The first Big 12 team to play on THE BLUE at Albertsons Stadium! BOISE STATE Chili' BRONCOS to Big 12 Conference! BIG 12 EXPANSION! Stay Chili' tuned!

Sep 12, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' KHALIL Chili' SHAKIR! 161 Rec Yds in 1st Half! Boise State vs UTEP on ESPN! #NIKE'Spicy' NFL! Khalil's spectacular catches trending on Twitter during ESPN telecast! Prediction: Spicy'K to NFL's Raiders, Rams, 49ers, or Bears!

Aug 30, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' KHALIL Chili' SHAKIR! HEISMAN CANDIDATE! BOISE STATE! CFB! #NIKE'Spicy' NFL Spicy' NBA! Versatility! This season, the AMAZING Khalil Chili' Shakir will also be featured as a punt returner! 2022 NFL 1st Round selection! #SPICYK

Aug 23, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' ANDY Chili' AVALOS! New HC at BOISE STATE! #NIKE'Spicy' NFL Spicy' NBA! He was a BEAST for the Broncos football team! A ferocious hard-hitting Spicy' linebacker! Avalos lead team in tackles for 3 seasons! Welcome Coach Avalos!

Aug 16, 2021
227's™ TRAGEDY ALERT! Rebecca Chili' Haselmann, Emma Chili' Nutter Die in Crash Traveling to 1st Yr at BOISE STATE! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! Irony: Semi-truck driver, Eric Murwanashyaka's two Twitter profiles read: 1) "I'm driving" 2) "driving basically"!

Aug 05, 2021
227's™ TRAGEDY ALERT! "MJ" Chili' aka "MONKEY" Chili'! 5/yo Missing in Idaho! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! Michael Joseph Chili' Vaughan was last seen near his Fruitland, Idaho home on 7-27! A bizarre mystery! Investigators believe the boy is "endangered"!

Aug 02, 2021
227's™ TRAGEDY ALERT! Anthony Chili' Barajas, TikTok Star, Dead, 19! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! Barajas, and his girlfriend, GCU sophomore, Rylee Chili' Goodrich, shot and killed at Corona, CA movie theater! 1,000,000 TikTok followers! Last video date 7-22!

Jul 27, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' AARON Chili' RODGERS $27 Kevin Malone CHILI T-Shirt Goes VIRAL! The Spicy' QB at 1st day of Packers camp wearing a Spicy' $27 T-Shirt that's a mashup of 'The Office' and NBA Jam, with KEVIN Chili' MALONE! #NBC'Spicy' NBA Mix!

Jul 26, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' NFL Preview! New Orleans Chili' Saints! Caesars Spicy' Superdome 3D Fly-Over | #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! Take a 3D fly-over of the rebranded Caesars Superdome! Chili' Saints and Caesars Entertainment!

Jul 26, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' NFL Preview! San Francisco Chili' 49ers! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! 49ers front office and coaching staff detail upcoming season! The Chili' 49ers 2021 State of the Franchise presented by Incogmeato!

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