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Nov 10, 2022
227's YouTube Chili' BOISE STATE! The Coach's Son! MAX Chili' RICE 21 Pts! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! The winningest coach in BSU basketball history lost the 2022 season opener, but, he saw his son set a career scoring mark of 21 points! #GoBroncos!

Oct 01, 2022
BOISE STATE's Texas Chili' FRESHMEN! GREEN (QB, avg 10.9 yds), JEANTY (RB, avg 5.2 yds)! Coach Andy Chili' Avalos' Spicy' buffet for Bronco Nation! Have a couple cold ones (Spicy' CORONA - Coach Avalos' hometown) and Texas Chili! BSU 35 SDSU13!

Aug 11, 2022
227's™ YouTube Chili' BOISE STATE Signs LEBRON AAU Player! #LEBRON'Spicy' NBA! ANDREW Chili' MEADOW of Stevenson Ranch, CA signs with BSU! Great for start of 2022 school year! Buy the NIKE Air Force 1 Spicy' CHILI PEPPER at!

Mar 12, 2022
227's™ YouTube Chili' Boise State's LEON Chili' RICE named MW Coach of the Year! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! One of college Spicy' basketball's great coaches, SPICY' RICE on YouTube, crossing the Boise River: "Son of a nutcracker that's cold!" #GoBroncos!

Mar 12, 2022
227's™ YouTube Chili' BOISE STATE to MW Championship! Record Setting Season 26-7! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 located in Boise, ID, salutes head coach LEON Chili' RICE and the BSU Chili' BRONCOS! An amazing school record 26 wins!

Oct 01, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' BOISE STATE Vintage Logo Uniforms! Boise State vs Nevada 1:30 PM, Albertsons Stadium, TV: FS1 #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! THE BLUE TURF was created in 1986! The 1986 Chili' Bronco logo featured on helmets at this year's Homecoming game!

Sep 19, 2021
227's™ CFB HIT ALERT! JL Chili' SKINNER Spicy' Hit! BSU! College Football #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! The hard hitting 6'4" Spicy' Safety is tied for 2nd in the nation in Solo Tackles (24)! JL's Spicy' hit vs OSU is trending on ESPN Twitter! 46,800 Likes!

Sep 17, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' BOISE STATE vs OKLAHOMA STATE on FS1! College Football! #NIKE'Spicy' NBA! The first Big 12 team to play on THE BLUE at Albertsons Stadium! BOISE STATE Chili' BRONCOS to Big 12 Conference! BIG 12 EXPANSION! Stay Chili' tuned!

Sep 12, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' KHALIL Chili' SHAKIR! 161 Rec Yds in 1st Half! Boise State vs UTEP on ESPN! #NIKE'Spicy' NFL! Khalil's spectacular catches trending on Twitter during ESPN telecast! Prediction: Spicy'K to NFL's Raiders, Rams, 49ers, or Bears!

Aug 30, 2021
227's™ YouTube Chili' KHALIL Chili' SHAKIR! HEISMAN CANDIDATE! BOISE STATE! CFB! #NIKE'Spicy' NFL Spicy' NBA! Versatility! This season, the AMAZING Khalil Chili' Shakir will also be featured as a punt returner! 2022 NFL 1st Round selection! #SPICYK

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