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KOÇ UNIVERSITY Press releases

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Apr 24, 2024
A groundbreaking study, recently published in Nature Communications, sheds light on a newly identified subtype of muscular dystrophy, revealing an unsuspected role of SNUPN gene in muscle cell function. Led by Assistant Prof. Dr.

Apr 01, 2024
Ceramic pots endure the corrosive effects of thousands of years, and organic remains preserved inside its pores can shed light on the daily life of societies. This research is achieved with the help of biomarkers.

Dec 27, 2023
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are advanced porous materials with multifunctional tunable properties.

Dec 01, 2023
Koç University Graduate School of Business has been ranked 35th in the 2023 Financial Times (FT) Executive MBA rankings.

Sep 15, 2023
Home-delivery services perpetually compete for the consumer's attention not only through advertisements but also through methods that reduce basket decision time or make new suggestions.

Sep 11, 2023
Due to the complexity of real-world situations, we still do not have self-driving vehicles largely deployed on the roads today. For safe navigation, the self-driving vehicle needs to be able to anticipate the consequences of its actions.

Jun 12, 2023
Food waste and food-borne diseases are among the most critical problems urban populations face today. They contribute to greenhouse emissions tremendously and amplify economic and environmental costs.

May 18, 2023
Nearly half of all cancer patients suffer from excessive weight loss due to the loss of adipose and skeletal muscle tissues, or cachexia.

Dec 13, 2022
Our ways of coming together and transporting goods and services are changing drastically with huge implications for cities, their residents, and the environment day by day.

Dec 01, 2022
Today in many countries we witness democratic backsliding that manifests itself with a lapse in political rights, civil liberties, and fair elections. At the same time, politics is increasingly characterized by hostility and distrust.

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