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Nov 02, 2015
VOVIE: NSA, hacker & malware free Pro HD Calls now, and text, share, chat apps for 2016. Try VOVIE pro HD calls free here and buy perks to support secure, cost-less, HD communications for friends, family & business. Let's upgrade communications!

Oct 29, 2015
MTY CEO Norman Towson says, "Our network analyzers show standard DARPA & NSA control protocols, drop signal quality (SNR) and increase user data cost over 50% copying real time audio & video communications remotely."

Oct 28, 2015
Do you know most of your data cost is used sending your communications to "others" to be copied? VOVIE D2D direct, locks out spies & malware, triples connection strength and call resolution, drops data cost 50-80% and extends battery life 30-50%!

Oct 26, 2015
VOVIE direct, securely increases mobile connection strength 300%, call resolution >200%, lowers data cost over 50%, and extends battery life 30-50%! VOVIE stops "The other server copies and traffic" eliminating most of your data cost! Go networking.

Oct 16, 2015
VOVIE is secure, reduces your phone cost, extends your battery life and at least doubles your call and video chats resolution. VOVIE improves communications for home work or play.

Oct 15, 2015
VOVIE is Voice, Video, Encrypted! Our campaign goals are to deliver secure, low cost, high resolution call, chat, share and DVR. We seek your support to reduce phone costs and increase the security and quality of communications worldwide.

Oct 07, 2015
Meet VOVIE: Voice Video Encrypted direct VPN to friends App. Take back your privacy, and lower your phone cost. Go HD 48 kHz P2P communications and move up to 500% clearer calls than landlines.

Aug 07, 2015
VOVIE: Invisible 2.5 X faster, 1/3 data cost calls to 1 or teams of friends now: Vision: Safest, lowest data cost; HD Calls, Video Chats, Text & Any File Share Over any Connection. Seek Supporters to upgrade; Windows, Android, Apple Communications!

Jul 09, 2015
1st Invisible personal HD direct call network ships. Call 1 or all friends at once (-1/3 data, -1/3 battery & 2-5X Call Rez of iPhone6) Text, Video Chat (-80% data, -50% battery of Skype or Apple), Share/Play All Files (-70% Data) CrowdFunding

Jul 03, 2015
Infrastructure pros ship safest, lowest cost, team network! Pro HD 48kHz Calls to 1 or all friends at once AES 512-bit Encrypted at lowest data & battery use Now! Text, Video Chat at 1/6 Data, & 7X Faster Video-Pic-All Share; Pre Crowdfunding.

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