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Jul 07, 2023
Permian Museum announced the addition of nematode fossils to its free  "On the Origin of Life and Biodiversity"  online book.

Jun 08, 2021 / .org announced the addition of 20 more fossils to its Speculative Evolution section. Speculative Evolution is defined by Wikipedia as a genre of speculative fiction focused on hypothetical scenarios in the evolution of life.

Sep 21, 2020 announced the addition of an exhibit featuring 20 enigmatic life forms from a quarter billion years ago.

Apr 09, 2020 finished its Spring fossil egg hunt and released photos of its 2020 Fossilized Egg Collection. The Permian period was from 300 - 252 Mya.

Jan 03, 2020 announced today it is adding a new fossil that resembles the famed Graboid featured in the movie "Tremors". RSS Feed