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Pet Professional Guild Publishes Open Letter to Veterinarians on Referrals to Training and Behavior Professionals
Jan 16, 2017
The Pet Professional Guild expresses concern that, in an unregulated industry, pet owners may be referred to individuals who do not use scientific protocols or adhere to the premise to do no harm, regardless of credentials

Pet Professional Guild announces new look, innovative educational events for 2017 and 2018
Jan 09, 2017
Conventional annual summit in Orlando, Florida will be supplemented with practical, multi-species behavior and training workshops in Kanab, Utah

Pet Professional Guild releases position statement on pet correction devices
Jan 05, 2017
Focuses on training and pet care equipment that implements a "startle response" to interrupt or prevent a behavior by using fear as a motivator

Pet Professional Guild announces Cat Committee appointments
Dec 17, 2016
PPG aims to provide greater educational resources for feline behavior specialists and cat owners worldwide

Pet Professional Guild Lines Up Canine Behavior Experts for Podcasts on Breed Specific Legislation
Oct 19, 2016
In light of ongoing events in Montreal, PPG podcasts will feature a host of dog training and behavior experts to explain why breed bans are ineffective in reducing frequency of dog bites

Pet Professional Accreditation Board launches new level for canine training technicians
Aug 07, 2016
Board adds Canine Training Technician (Accredited) qualification to reflect practical skills and experience of dog training professionals; special introductory offer waives eligibility fee

Pet Professional Guild releases position statement on Breed Specific Legislation
Aug 02, 2016
This new statement reflects alarm at the number of dogs being seized or banned purely because of how they look with no regard for individual behavior, living environment, or owner suitability

Pet Professional Guild British Isles appoints new representatives to special council
Jul 11, 2016
Renowned experts in all things canine will add to current expertise and help give education of force-free training an even wider reach

Pet Professional Guild announces virtual summit for pet care professionals
May 31, 2016
Industry experts gather over 48 hours to offer great education for pet care professionals and pet owners that can be experienced from the comfort of your home

Pet Professional Guild launches Pet Dog Ambassador program worldwide
May 14, 2016
New initiative enables dog guardians to test their knowledge, skills and ability to manage their canine companions in real life settings while representing force-free training methods

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