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Mollyhaus electropop to Camden Rock
Jun 11, 2012
Brighton beauty, Little Neve White joins her talented music partner Berlin boy, K Bastian for a performance in Camden - one year after their first meeting...

Mineral Lipsticks that would stand out at Chelsea Flower Show 2012
May 22, 2012
Budding beauty expert and professional make-up artist Emily Rose has launched a range of mineral lipstick. Made up of all natural ingredients and suitable for vegans, the range consists of 25 shades inspired by pretty flowers and by real women.

Insulation Education: Informative Website
Mar 28, 2012
Learn more about insulation, plus why it is important to include it at design level of construction - brand new website catering for all insulation questions, plus it has the first on-line multi-foil calculator.

Caffeine-free Award winning tea
Mar 01, 2012
Give up caffeine for Lent: Novus is now available to buy at Amazon, the caffeine-free range of flavours is delicious. With 7 out of 11 of the products having a Great Taste Award...

Designer Max McMurdo says: 'I'm giving up Fat Birds for Lent!'
Feb 17, 2012
Designer Max Mcmurdo gives up “fat birds” for lent, from February 22nd through to Thursday the 5th of April 2012... but he promises to post them to good homes..

Fatten up the birds for Christmas
Oct 31, 2011
‘Fat Bird’, was designed by Max McMurdo to encourage the re-use of cooking fat. The DIY kit is the perfect gift for this season, for a friend, family member or simply for our feathery neighbours.

Style Quench for Your Living Room
Oct 06, 2011
Designers at Reestore introduce David, a stacking chair inspired by ring pulls and designs of Arne Jacobsen...

Duzz a good job on truck mixers and tippers
Oct 04, 2011
Bob Richardson of RichMix gives his view on using Duzz Concrete Remover instead of acids to clean his truck mixers and tippers...

Design collaboration for Dragon Den success
Sep 30, 2011
Upcycling designer Max McMurdo has joined creative forces with interior designer Sharon James to create Maxine, a chaise lounge with a difference.

Shiver Me Timbers Mate that’s nice Treasure…
Jul 28, 2011
Jewellery that is perfect for a touch of pirate style

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