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Jul 21, 2017
Galaxy rotation curves inferring the presence of dark matter based on radio telescope measurements of thermal emissions from hydrogen atoms are problematic as temperature fluctuations in atoms are forbidden by the Planck law of quantum mechanics

Jun 27, 2017
Unidentified IR emission thought caused by temperature increases in cosmic dust upon absorption of single UV photons is superseded by QED induced fluorescence extended to include absorption of single VIS and IR photons

Jun 15, 2017
Silver nanowires thought yellowed by direct excitation of plasmon resonances are superseded by EUV fluorescence from Joule heat that excites not only surface plasmons at yellow VIS frequencies but also molecular states in the IR

May 09, 2017
Steam produced from the IR heating of nanoparticles dispersed in water thought mediated by light trapping consistent with classical Monte Carlo is superseded by quantum mechanics up-converting IR light to EUV radiation absorbed in the water

Mar 21, 2017
Debye-Waller theory claiming thermal fluctuations cause atomic disorder in X-ray diffraction is superseded by non-thermal disorder as electrons are lost by photoionization under QED induced EM radiation

Mar 13, 2017
Cancer treatment by magnetic field heating of iron oxide nanoparticles occurs by the emission of EM radiation as high temperatures cannot occur by quantum mechanics

Mar 06, 2017
Control of chemical reactions by quantum mechanics using X-rays created in heating molecules supersedes motion by atom temperatures based on classical physics

Feb 16, 2017
X-rays absorbed in surroundings heat gold nanoparticles to produce UV radiation that damages DNA to destroy cancer cells by blocking reproduction

Sep 16, 2016
LUX experiments showing WIMPs do not exist implying there is no dark matter are consistent with galaxies moving at Newtonian velocities based on the Doppler effect provided redshift measurements are corrected for cosmic dust

Aug 27, 2016
Contrary to light never escaping black holes, flickering visible light observed from V404 Cygni is proposed caused by the frictional heating of nanoparticles and constituent atoms produced at high temperatures from macroscopic debris

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