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Guest on The 'X' Zone, Brian Dunning, Past Is Revealed Questioning His Credibility
Dec 06, 2018
Truth, Honesty and Integrity are the core values here on The 'X' Zone and REL-MAR McConnell Media Company and it is in this light that we are bringing you the following information on the guest of this episode, BRIAN DUNNING, which was N

New UFO Book by LA Marzulli Asks Important UFO Questions
Nov 05, 2018
They're Here and They are identified in a new book by LA Marzulli, "UFO DISCLOSURE The 70 Year Coverup Exposed."

Jesus Christ and King Arthur Are The Same Person And Ralph Ellis Proves It!
Oct 13, 2018
History and Religion changed the moment that Rob McConnell interviewed and broadcast his interview with Ralph Ellis on The 'X' Zone Radio Show on XZBN and on The 'X' Zone TV Channel on SimulTV.

SimulTV Adds Up Including The 'X' Zone TV Channel
Sep 26, 2018
SimulTV, an OTT and IPTV platform owned and operated by Virginia-based Interconnect Media Network (IMN) Systems, announces its partnership with Bonnier Corp.to collaborate in the creation of a new channel representing every top brand I.E.

New 'X' Zone Investigates TV Series on The 'X' Zone TV Channel on SimulTV!
Aug 01, 2018
A New Ground Breaking TV Series "'X' Zone Investigates" series is to definitively solve mysteries and resolve outstanding issues, including JFKs Assassination, UFOs, Ghosts, and other claims of the Paranormal and it's believers.

Hamiltons' Own The 'X' Zone TV Channel Programming on to be Distributed by Globecast
Jul 20, 2018
Globecast partners with JungoTV to distribute English language content in Indonesia

International Police Association Radio Show is Now On Air
May 14, 2018
The International Police Association (IPA) is the largest organisation for police officers in the world, founded by British sergeant Arthur Troop (1914–2000). The association has 64 national sections and over 420,000 members and associate members.

REL-MAR McConnell Media Company Announces Stephen Benedict Director of International Programming
May 02, 2018
REL-MAR McConnell Media Company Announces Stephen Benedict Director of International Programming for The 'X' Zone Channel & The 'X' Zone Discovery Channel.

Organ Harvesting Of Falun Gong Practitioners In China
Apr 20, 2018
Hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong Practitioners are having their organs harvested while they are alive!

Late Night Talk Show Host Art Bell Dies At Age 72 years
Apr 16, 2018
Art Bell Radio Host of Coast-To-Coast - Born: June 17, 1945 - Died: April 13, 2018.

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