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The TellUs Radio Show with Christa Nehls Exclusive to XZBN / XZBNRADIOTV
Apr 10, 2017
From the Office of Rob McConnell, President & CEO, REL-MAR McConnell Media Company

Stop the Broadcasting of the New TV Show "Killing Bigfoot."
Jan 10, 2017
Dear Members of The 'X' Zone Nation: I need your help and the help of as many people that you know to STOP the broadcasting of a US produced TV Show, "KILLING BIGFOOT" that will be airing in the United States and Canada.

REL-MAR Welcomes "Connecting With Coincidence With Dr. Bernie Beitman, MD" to XZBN
Nov 16, 2016
Rob McConnell, General Manager of The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network, a division of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company is pleased to announce that starting in December 2016, Dr. Bernie Beitman, MD will be hosting "Connecting with Coincidence with Dr.

Protestors Are The New Reality TV Wannabes Controlled By The New World Order
Nov 12, 2016
I have a very simple solution to the Anti-Trump protests that are happening across the United States and coming from a member of the media, you might find this very strange.

Rob McConnell's Op-Ed - If It Bleeds, It Leads
Oct 14, 2016
Big money is being made by members of the so called "mainstream" media with sensational style of reporting that is putting billions of dollars in advertising because of the public's increasing thrust for blood.

The True Puppetmaster of the Political World is The Media
Oct 08, 2016
Rob McConnell's Op-Ed - "We the People" has been sadly changed to "We the Media."

The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network is Now ON AIR at www.xzbn.net
Oct 01, 2016
Introducing The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network where all matters in the world of the paranormal thru the science of parapsychology, new age spirituality, and much more are now available 27 / 7 / 365 at www.xzbn.net

Dr. Gibbs A Williams, PhD, Joins The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network
Sep 30, 2016
It is with extreme pleasure that I announce the addition of Dr. Gibbs A Williams, PhD and his radio show, "Ask Dr Gibbs" to the XZBN broadcast schedule.

OK Hillary...Now You Have Really Pissed Me Off!
Sep 29, 2016
Rob McConnell, host of The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show and the Publisher of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper fires back at Hillary Clinton for her statement about Nurses in his current Op-Ed.

The Hamilton, Ontario – CubeSat "Satellite / UFO Disclosure" Project Connection
Sep 26, 2016
For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFOs has been controversial, if not ridiculed.

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