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Jul 07, 2020
*TPISC ( pisque—silent "T"): The Pythagorean — Inverse Square Connection* TPISC IV is the fourth supplement to MathspeedST.

Jun 27, 2020
Where did all the anti-matter go? No where! Its "hiding" right where it has been since the inflationary, Big-Bang!

May 06, 2020
Establishing that every EVEN number (≥6) is made from the sum of two ODD PRIMES — known as Euler's Strong Form of the Goldbach Conjecture — has revealed some very NEW PATTERNS on the prime numbers.

Dec 27, 2019
PPsets That = EVENS: Form Isosceles Right-Triangles, reflecting a symmetrical pattern to the PRIMES whose sums equal a given EVEN.

May 23, 2019
Two new definitive methods reveal all the PRIME numbers: 1. algebraic 2. algebraic geometry.

Nov 13, 2017
TPISC — The Pythagorean - Inverse Square Connection — reveals the fractal connection between the Inverse Square Law, the Pythagorean Triples and the formation of SpaceTime. The ToPPT gives us a sublimely beautiful number pattern sequence!

Oct 03, 2015
The Pythagorean - Inverse Square Law Connection — how the Pythagorean Theorem is intimately embedded within the The Architecture Of SpaceTime (TAOST) as described by the BBS-ISL Matrix — is first and foremost the topic of this book.

Oct 02, 2015
There is a simple whole number (integer) matrix grid that every possible whole number Pythagorean Triangle — a.k.a. Pythagorean Triple — can be found and proved — the BBS-ISL Matrix. The BBS-ISL Matrix is composed of Pythagorean Triples!

Dec 11, 2013
This fundamental underlying question has never been answered...until now. “MathspeedST: Leapfrogging LightspeedST FASTER Than The Speed of Light" is the complementary other half of "LightspeedST: Leapfrogging @ The Speed of Light."

Jun 29, 2013
Why is the speed of light constant? This fundamental question has never been answered...until now. "LightspeedST: Leapfrogging @ The Speed of Light" is an artist's provocative union of the Standard Model of Quantum Physics with General Relativity.

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