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Robert Sandera for President Press releases

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Jun 24, 2014
Robert Sandera’s Complications From Cancer Surgery Caused The Collapse Of His Home He Needs Repaired To Continue His Fight For America That Its People Will Be Proud Of.

Aug 28, 2013
Robert Sandera A Self Trained Federal Lawyer Fought Back From Cancer To Run For President In 2012 But Now Is In The Fight Of His Life To Rescue His Father From Government Destruction Of His Entire Family.

Apr 05, 2013
Robert Sandera Demonstrated Outrage Today Calling All Of Congress Incompetent And Calling For The Sequester Of Their Pay For Not Doing Their Job And Being Mean Killing People Along With Other Harsh Words About...

Mar 16, 2013
Guys Mills, Pennsylvania- He may be the man to beat for President in 2016 Robert Sandera started an online petition at to make congress re-regulate gasoline and electricity so people can afford to live again.

Feb 12, 2013
Sandera Tells President Start Those Engines Of Ship, Robert Sandera Says Those Carnival Engines Are Probably Ok Unless Their Melted Which Is About Impossible. Says Get Them Started Before Some People End Up Dead.

Dec 21, 2012
Robert Sandera Has Taken A Different Course Then Gun Control To Quash Violence In America It's Called The Moral Compass Of God And Christianity Of Jesus Christ Proven As Non Fiction And Destroying The Lies Of Evolution Bringing Capernaum to America

Nov 16, 2012
Robert Sandera Ran For President To Restore An Honest Government Cleaning Up Corruption To Serve And Help His Fellow Countryman Says He Will Sue Because Republicans Actually Lost Congress.

Nov 15, 2012
Robert Sandera Ran For President And Became The Candidate Americans Searched For Saying He's Won And Now Has The Plan And Tools To Fix America

Nov 06, 2012
Robert Sandera has broken all barriers of Science to fight the corruption and have the power of God to give Free Electricity and Energy Sources or Fuel to Help America

Nov 06, 2012
Robert Sandera for President Has Created Free Electricity and Energy And Seeks Private Investment In Himself By Every American To Purchase Exxon Mobile Making It A Publicly Owned Co-Op To Give $1.25 or Cheap Gas To Everyone In America

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