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Retaliation Candidate to End Corruption Giving People Their Country Back
Nov 05, 2012
Robert Sandera Says Immediately Destroy All Immunities Sending Crooked Politicians Running For The Hills. Destroy The Patriot Act Return Free Liberty And Tear Down All Bushes White House Isolation Practices Giving The Country Back To The People

Presidential Candidate's Press Conference On Inventions That Will Change And Employ The World
Oct 31, 2012
Robert Sandera For President Was Plagued With Disasters But Stayed Focused On The Big Picture To Become The Most Powerful Write In Candidate The World Will Ever See. He Created A World Changer To Be Used To Employ Millions

Ignored Candidates 100% Health Care Would Supersede Obama
Oct 24, 2012
He Didn't Pay General Electric To Be On The News As Others But As President Robert Sandera Devised A Creative Plan For 100 Percent Healthcare For All Americans Using What We Have Today Nullifying Obama Care By Offering Better

New President Wants Marijuana Pot Legal for Health Care
Oct 18, 2012
Robert Sandera For President Says Part Of His Contract To America Is To Immediately Declassify Marijuana From Being A Schedule 2 Narcotic And Legalize It Federally For $40.00 an Ounce Using It For Full Healthcare Of All Americans.

Independent for President Will Debate
Oct 01, 2012
Candidate Proves Serious Using Live Internet To Participate In Presidential Debates

Independent for President Goes Around Media For World Peace Access
Sep 24, 2012
Robert Sandera An Independent For President Sent A Letter To The Editor Of The India Times To Go Around The National Media As He Pushes For World Peace Because U.S. Media Needs Forced To Report On His Campaign

America Laughs Romney Schooled On a Little Head on the Campaign Trail
Sep 21, 2012
Romney's 100 Percent Claims Gets Him Mocked Laughed At And Punked By Candidate Robert Sandera Possibly The Most Experienced Independent For President Serious Write-In Candidate The World Will Ever See Saying It Must Be Cayman Islander's

Sandera Blast Romney People are Victim of is Halliburton in Afghanistan Foreign Aid
Sep 20, 2012
Presidential Hopeful Robert Sandera Blasted Romney That It's The Public That's The Victims And It's Of Halliburton, Black Water, And Ridiculous Foreign Aid Bankrupting This Country. Says Once Again Romney Steals My Words Now He's For The 100 Percent

Serious Write-in Candidate Wants Peace and Arrest Of Movie Maker Inciting Death
Sep 17, 2012
Presidential Write-in Calls For Movie Makers Arrest And Chance To Negotiate Seize Fire And World PeaceSandera also wants permission from the U.S. Government to negotiate a seize fire and end all wars. To End All American Wars And Nation Building

Independent Candidate Writes U.S. Law To End Muslim Bigotry And Violence
Sep 14, 2012
Today Robert Sandera For President Blasted Romney And Obama And Both Parties Stating He'll Enact Law To Stop Inciting Religious Violence Or Conduct Endangering Our Service People and Military

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