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Mar 20, 2023
The Americans with disabilities act was released in the year 2010 by the US Department of Justice which clearly stated that all the websites operating in the US should ensure that their website is easily accessible by people with disabilities.

Mar 14, 2023
According to recent research conducted by superoffice, out of 1000 companies, only  24 companies (2.4%) send follow-up emails to their new and existing customers.

Mar 09, 2023
An overview of website breadcrumbs If you are not new to the website design industry then you must have come across the terms breadcrumbs.

Mar 06, 2023
WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is the popular and widely used CMS platform that powers more than 35% of the website. A CMS is basically used to manage the content of the website.

Feb 28, 2023
WordPress website maintenance is one of the most underrated but most important factors that help WordPress websites to offer the best experience and get online success.

Feb 20, 2023
Before we move ahead with highlighting how you can backup your wordpress website. Let's get a better understanding of wordpress website backup.

Feb 14, 2023
An Overview Of Lazy Loading In WordPress If you are running a WordPress website for a long time then you must be aware of the fact that the page loading speed can make and break any website's online presence.

Feb 08, 2023
1. Shorten the product shipping distance In product shipment, your product weight and customer location play an essential role in determining the cost of the shipment.

Jan 24, 2023
If you are updated with the previous year's website design trend then you must be aware of the fact that when parallax scrolling was introduced it started gaining main praises from different designers.

Jan 16, 2023
A mobile-friendly website is a site that is optimized by performing various activities so that the elements in the website are clearly visible on handheld devices.

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