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Aug 09, 2017
These two new articles – white papers from Cortet by CEL demonstrate how a lighting OEM/manufacturer can successfully leverage emerging Smart Lighting Control trends and IoT technologies to expand the

Aug 08, 2017
The Antenna Company and the CBRS Alliance believe that LTE-based solutions in the CBRS band, utilizing shared spectrum, can enable both in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity expansion at massive scale.

Aug 01, 2017
The new Cortet Z10 Range Extender is a reliable, secure, and easy to install way to extend the range and capacity of a zigbee network within large facilities or facilities with a poor RF environment. REACH and ROHS certified

Jul 11, 2017
PiL's P53 "Steel Head" ultrasonic sensor and mounting kit is an off the shelf, hygienic sensor solution designed for the food & beverage, chemical & pharmaceutical industries – manufacturing/assembly/bottling/packaging systems

Jul 11, 2017
MEMSIC MDP 200 bi-directional differential pressure sensors are perfect for a wide range of medical, automotive & industrial applications. MEMSIC's ultra-sensitive MEMs thermal technology enables the new MDP200 to detect minute flow changes

Jun 27, 2017
The Industrial Internet of Things offers industrial lighting companies an exciting & highly effective way to manage an entire building's various systems. New online resource for industrial lighting manufacturers, integrators, installers, etc.

Jun 22, 2017
The new Inelta ILAT miniature LVDT sensors provide highly accurate position/path measurements for a applications with very tight space tolerances. This includes Medical Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Navigation Testing Facilities

May 21, 2017
new IoT security white paper explains PKI, Authentication, and Certificate Management – how they work and what they are.

May 15, 2017
These new vertical gyros provide highly accurate pitch and roll (with respect to gravity), in both static and dynamic conditions, at a very attractive size and price points

May 02, 2017
The new Cortet Lighting Control Solution and its "Powered By Cortet" program enables lamp and luminaire OEMs to provide a full range of local and IoT connected control systems, integrated solutions and lighting accessories to their clients

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