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Humanity's Biggest Killer - Why is nobody talking about it. Learn how to save yourself from its deadly clutch
May 09, 2021
This is one book everyone needs to read because, the information given here is crucial for total liberation from this killer disease. Take it this way; your life depends on it, literally.

S.A.N Publishing Book Launch Titled:
Mar 09, 2021
- Simple Steps To Achieve Goals - Improve your chance for success Sonia A Nwajei (Author)

Why Ethical Living Is Vital For Your Wellbeing
Jan 13, 2021
What is ethical living? My definition – refers to our morals (how we live and treat others etc.) Being virtuous, treat people with respect and kindness, being upstanding in business, being conscious of the environment, and connecting or having a...

The Only Ethics You Need To Attain A Fruitful Life
Oct 07, 2020
This is the Ultimate guide to positive living. Every aspect of life is discussed, and tips given on how to improve. Our ethics as a society has never been this detailed and recommendation given such as this. This is a must read for everyone.

S.A.N Publishing – An eBook hub for fiction, nonfiction books and more
Sep 13, 2020
Get your fix for cozy murder mystery titled "Kelvin Dean" A recently published fiction by the author and creator of the platform.

Thexmar – Directory for Content Creators. Find influencers here
Mar 28, 2020
This is a world-first directory designed for content creators. A place where people can search, find and engage the services of digital advertisers to fulfil their marketing needs.