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Mar 21, 2024
A highly esteemed author is selling royalties on his books for $1 million. Is it worth it? Is it a bargain basement deal? His books such as Nirvana, Day of Reckoning, Further, Soul Kitchen, Torn Veil, and Barack Obama have literary merit!

Jan 25, 2024
Both Republican and Democratic parties have led us to the cliff's edge. When will voters demand a plan for tackling Global Warming and our other crises and for splitting the atom of Human Potential?

Dec 06, 2021
What Happens If You Have Insurance But Aren't Insured? Well, You Start a Crowd Funding Campaign on!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 21, 2020
Why are our Political IQ's so low? Why can't we convince our politicians from both parties to adopt an agenda of solving our global crises and national challenges?

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