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May 12, 2009
Famed rock 'n' roll musician Gary Lewis has agreed to write the foreword to the highly controversial autobiography of his sister, Suzan Lewis. The book is titled, "Jerry's Kid: The Suzan Lewis Story."

Mar 29, 2009
Comedian Jerry Lewis has often been guilty making heads turn with statements like, "Cricket is a fag's game." But it's his continued silence about his disabled, out of wedlock daughter that is turning heads and public opinion away from him.

Mar 27, 2009
Howard Stern, the controversial talk show host offered this scenario to Suzan Lewis, the biological love child of entertainer, Jerry Lewis: "Maybe if you'd had Muscular Dystrophy you would have been more accepted (by your father).

Mar 06, 2009
A DNA test provides overwhelming evidence that Suzan Lewis is the half sister of Gary Lewis, and the biological daughter of "humanitarian" entertainer, Jerry Lewis. 1960s music idol, Gary Lewis provided his own DNA to help his sister find closure.

Jan 30, 2009
During a nationally televised interview on Inside Edition, Suzan Lewis told correspondent Paul Boyd that she is prepared to submit to a DNA test. The 56 year old woman would like to put to rest all speculation regarding her family heritage.

Jan 28, 2009
The biological daughter of entertainer Jerry Lewis makes her first national television appearance on the popular news program, Inside Edition. The segment will be aired on either January 28, 2009 or January 29, 2009 depending on the local station.

Jan 19, 2009
The biological daughter of entertainer Jerry Lewis was captured by a Philadelphia paparazzi photographer while shopping at the popular Franklin Mills Mall, just days before she is to be seen on a national TV news investigative report.

Dec 20, 2008
Globe Magazine reports Jerry Lewis tried to have his daughter moved from her seat to the back of the theater before performing in New York City. Fifty-six year old Suzan Lewis is said to be disabled.

Dec 18, 2008
Suzan Lewis, the biological daughter of entertainer Jerry Lewis, voices her opinion about the comedian's selection by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Dec 01, 2008
Before taking the stage at the Times Center Theater in Manhattan, entertainer Jerry Lewis demanded the removal of a disabled woman from the front row. But the story is far more dramatic than people in the theater knew

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