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Achieving Weight Loss with The New Circuit Training Weight Loss DVD
Mar 09, 2023
If you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast over 50, this new DVD from Healthwise Exercise offers 3 levels of fitness for weight loss. So, let's take a closer look at what this circuit training weight loss workout can do for you.

Experience Yoga a Whole New Way with the New Healing Yoga DVD
Dec 13, 2022
Harness your body's healing power with this doctor-recommended total mind, body, spirit Healing Yoga DVD from the president of Healthwise Exercise, Suzanne Andrews: creator of the PBS TV series, Functional Fitness.

Award Winning Pelvic Floor Exercises Works for Women and Men: 30 Day Bladder Fix
Nov 20, 2018
30 Day Bladder Fix, the only DVD that demonstrates medically proven pelvic floor exercises for women and men, earned Amazons Choice.

Have COPD? Effectiveness of COPD DVD featured on Public Television
Aug 03, 2017
COPD, a lung disease that limits airflow and causes shortness of breath can make the simple task of breathing very difficult. If you or a loved one live with COPD, learn more about COPD at home treatment as featured on Public Television

Kansas Residents Workout at Home with KTWU Suzanne Andrews Functional Fitness
Jan 05, 2017
KTWU PBS TV airs 35 episodes of Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews® for Kansas Residents.

Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews airs on Maine Public Television
Dec 06, 2016
Maine residents start their day the healthy way with Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews on Maine Public Television.

New At Home Workout In Total Strength and Conditioning DVD at Amazon
Nov 14, 2016
• Have sturdy legs with Total Strength and Conditioning DVD • Firm your arms in 30 Days • Get perfectly athletic abs without doing one floor crunch

Pelvic Floor Exercises are More Than Kegels in 30 Day Bladder Fix DVD to Stop Urinary Incontinence
Oct 24, 2016
Pelvic Floor Exercises DVD titled "30 Day Bladder Fix Pelvic Floor Strengthening DVD" offers a natural, drug-free exercise solution for Urinary Incontinence from well-known clinician and PBS fitness celebrity Suzanne Andrews.

Stronger Seniors and Boomers with PBS At Home Workouts Online
Oct 22, 2016
PBS Television star and Occupational Therapy Clinician, Suzanne Andrews, guides middle age through seniors with online at home workouts with both chair exercises and standing fitness moves shown in every online at home workout.

Prevention Magazine Features 30 Day Bladder Fix Pelvic Floor Exercises DVD to Stop Leaky Bladder
Sep 28, 2016
Pelvic Floor Exercises DVD titled 30 Day Bladder Fix Pelvic Floor Strengthening DVD, featured in Prevention Magazine, is a natural urinary incontinence treatment from well-known clinician and fitness celebrity Suzanne Andrews.

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