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Oct 04, 2023
A groundbreaking partnership is set to redefine the Atlanta Fashion Week (ATLFW) as The Arts Atlanta, York Promotions and the official producers of ATLFW come together for an unparalleled immersive festival-style experience.

Sep 26, 2023
MultiFitness Presents - "MultiFest: The Summer Finale", A Community Celebration of Health, Wellness, and Fitness MultiFitness will host the annual MultiFest: The Summer Finale on Saturday, September 30th, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at 4931 Phillips Drive,...

Aug 31, 2023
AfroBeats, Soukous, and Amapiano meet Reggae, Soca and Dancehall blending together beautifully at the Atlanta African Caribbean Music, Food & Art Festival (AC Fest) presented by Atlanta Jollof Music & Food Festival at Piedmont Park - 1320 Monroe..

Aug 22, 2023
The Collective, a group of 4 Black Men who specialize in trading, investing, branding and fitness consist of: Lawrence Eggleston (The Panther, Black Wall Street Originals), Santino Drew (The Only Option, Wise Money Academy), Jameel Abdur-Raheem (The...

Jul 19, 2023
In The Trenches, a competitive sporting gameshow, where fan bases compete in professional football style combine drills including: Red Zone 7 on 7 Flag Football, the 40 Yard Dash, Kicking Field Goals and some fun-filled Football Trivia was created by Ron.

Jun 02, 2023
Newly reaccredited Morris Brown College will once again welcome thousands of HBCU students, alumni, Black sororities, fraternities and lovers of the HBCU college culture to the19th Annual Atlanta Greek Picnic (AGP).

May 03, 2023
It's time to revolutionize rideshare and put money back into the driver's pockets

Jan 19, 2023
Food & Lifestyle TV is excited to announce the launch of "Food & Lifestyle" a subscription-based streaming service that provides food and lifestyle programming with a vibe.

Oct 18, 2022
It's only right for an artistic takeover of Halloween to take place in the city that dictates what's hot and what's not more than any other city in America, Atlanta.

Oct 06, 2022
What happens when the urban classic "Set It Off" crashes with the slick heist comedy of "Ocean's 11"? You get Scheme Queens; a soon to be cult classic written and directed by Cas Sigers Beedles (Nina Holiday Productions, NAACP Image Award Recipient ).

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